2 comments on “Rightsizing Images

  1. A great tutorial for all those people using their digital cameras and wanting to know about how they can efficiently use their images elsewhere.

  2. Nicely done quickie…much appreciated.
    I have a comment, as follows:
    When I take pictures (real estate – houses, exteriors and interiors, etc.) I need to consider 3 ‘outputs’:
    1) Feature Sheets (printed on a high quality colour printer)
    2) Placement on the Website
    3) Resized for placement on the Real Estate Board’s Listing Services (MLXChange and MLS.ca in this case).

    I use a 4.0 mega pixel Sony Mavica 400 camera which burns to a mini CD in the camera.
    I have it set to produce images for transfer at 1280 x 960 fine.
    Other possible settings include:
    640 x 480
    1600 x 1200
    2272 (3:2)
    2272 x 1704

    Am I correct to use 1280 x 960 or would I get better print results (but fewer photos per shoot) using a higher setting?

    many thanks


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