4 comments on “Artist in Residence – Reprise

  1. Congrats, You have a great attitude no wonder the Park service chose you twice.
    I would love a AIR there but my work is much more focused on people and communities. Is there any of that there or is it pretty much wilderness? Thanks

  2. I am planning a visit to Badland in on 1-24-09. Will you be there? Would love to talk to you.

    I am working on a project about travel photography and Photoshop. NP’s are one of the topics.

  3. i will be visiting in august and would appreciate some tips on locations and times (am or pm) for land scape. also would like to know where and when wildlife is most cooperative.

  4. Badlands is a great location because most of the cool stuff is right by the road. For sunrise, Door Trail and Cliff Shelf areas are great. For sunset, I like to hang out at Norbeck Pass and the Yellow Mounds/Dillon Pass area.

    Wildlife is spotty depending upon the time of year. In August, you will find the Prairie dogs and the Bison plentiful. Birds of prey and Antelope make good subjects too. There are vast herds of deer but you have to hunt for the bucks. And as always, there are snakes.

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