One comment on “My First and Last Presentation

  1. Greetings,
    I was a University Science Laboratory technician. I specialized in cartography and photography, consequently I made “slides” for the academics and students – what a load of rubbish they wanted and the majority of the “slides” were in a sense counter-productive. I eventually created a presentation entitled “Power-Point is Evil” or in less contentious terms, “Some Recommended Minima for Visual Aids” which I’ve delivered to University audiences here in England and in Canada.
    When I return home to Canada – I’m here in England with an aged mother – I hope to get back into this kind of rubbish again.
    The best visual aid I ever witnessed was by Richard Feynman.
    Some of my poorest quality work has been published / displayed by the National Museums of Canada – problems with book designers et al.
    Thank you,
    Edward Hearn

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