6 comments on “For Lack of a Better Word

  1. Your post made me smile.
    I don’t know if I can help with semantics (I’m french, after all 😉 ), but will try anyway : in french we’d say something like “immortalize the moment” (unsure about the translation though…). Hope the image won’t care about being immortalized 😉

  2. I think Ruth Bernhard said it best:

    “Never ever say the word shoot when you are taking a picture with a camera because a camera is not a violent weapon.”

    I always catch my self saying “shoot” or “shot” in blog posts and reword it photograph or compose. Those are the best words I’ve come up with to date myself…

    • I told someone that we take in life and document it. However in another sentence I wrote we capture the moment ..so i am lost as well when trying to describe what we do. I definitely do not like posting “great capture” when critiquing photos.

  3. I like to call it journaling life. I absolutely refuse to use the word capture because of it’s negative connotation and to know that others see it this way as well is a bit of a comfort to me. It shows that you appreciate photography as the portrayal of a particular vision created by an individual. I appreciate Laurent’s words as well….immortalizing the moment.

  4. A photograph is the result from the action of “painting with the light”, and the word that make it sense for me is photographing. 🙂

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