One comment on “Email and the Rainforest

  1. Rikk,

    I have this same frustration from time to time. Just last week I was visiting the relatives for Thanksgiving. They have the least expensive “broadband” available and it is slow. Now put four different laptops on that network and things get really clogged. I hadn’t been able to retrieve e-mail in over 24 hours and one of my messages had a 19 MB Excel file attached. I simply put the computer down and walked away for an hour since the computer was really busy.

    If you do have a large attachment, try a service like YouSendIt. Or at least e-mail the recipient first and ask them if it is OK to send a large attachment.

    It would be nice if everyone knew how to shrink their photos to a reasonable size for e-mailing, but I think those of us who teach people how to do it are fighting a lost cause. As long as cameras make bigger files, we’ll continue to receive e-mail with attachments that are way too large.

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