6 comments on “Lightroom 2.0: Supply Side Image Editing

  1. Interesting post on Lightroom. I’ve not used LR to export to PSP directly. I will usually review and first pass cull images in LR (v1.41). Tweak exposure, capture sharpening. Maybe play a bit with tome mapping, minimal noise reduction. As I work I continue to cull images.

    When done with that event’s images, I’ll export as Tiffs. It is the Tiffs I then edit in PSP. My PSP v9 doesn’t handle raw files.

    Keep trying to learn PS CS2, man is that curve steep.

    Love the camera time post image. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great overview of Lightroom. Wanted to take a second to share a link to my site, TheLightroomLab.com.

    TheLightroomLab.com is for professional and amateur photographers who use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as part of their digital workflow. We have tips, tricks, tutorials, videos, news, and more.

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