3 comments on “Death and Resurrection by PowerPoint

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  2. Greetings.
    “Power Point is Evil.” That comment comes I believe from Edward Tufte. I use it for my lecture on – in less contentious terms – “some recommended minima for visual aids.” You could say if you wish that a quarter – the coin – is bigger than the moon.
    So, Power Point is Evil because it encourages form over content.
    One of the best visual aids that I’ve been blessed to see wasn’t on screen and explained perfectly why NASA = need another seven astronuats.
    Have fun with the mediocrity.

    • PowerPoint is not evil. This type of logic would make a screwdriver evil when it accidentally participates in an injury during normal use. The tool is benign. It’s use and misunderstanding of its purpose may contribute to evil but PowerPoint is not evil. Edward Tufte and his ax to grind aside, it is incredibly irresponsible to blame a lifeless thing with malevolence.

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