4 comments on “RAW Converters’ Subtle Secret

  1. I don’t see much difference between your preset and the standard “General – Zeroed” preset. What makes yours better than the one already in Lightroom?

    Also, Nikons and Canons (and everything else) have the same default slider settings.

    • Nothing makes my preset better. I chose to develop my own presets so that I understand what they are doing completely. It does appear that General – Zero does the same thing. I was more concerned about promoting the awareness of the pre-conditioning of files and my personal strategy to manage it.

      Thanks for the information on Nikon default settings. I was misled by information that spoke to the contrary on the noise handling.

      • I want to let you know that this was a big help to me. I never put 2 and 2 together about the General – Zeroed preset, and I hated seeing my images change a second after viewing them. I recently started working on HDR, and I have not seen the results that I wanted. Thanks for calling this out so I could get it.

      • You will find that HDR is a little easier to process with good looking results if you zero your files first. Thanks for the comment.

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