4 comments on “Manual Override

  1. Very clever use for those old cards.

    BTW, if you can get PDFs of the manuals, Acrobat can export the pages as jpg files. Quicker than shooting each page…

  2. Great idea to have the camera manuals (and other docs) in your old SD cards. I just did that, but with a change: I downloaded my Canon cameras manuals from Canon’s webpage, in PDF format. Then, I loaded the PDfs into Foxit 2.3 (a free PDF reader), and displayed the manual on my notebook PC, two pages up, using the full screen option, which removes menus, etc. The notebook screen provides perfect ilumination for the camera. I set the camera on a tripod, about four feet away from the screen, set the auto timer with two seconds delay, and shot the pages. Since I was too far from the notebook, I used a wireless keyboard to advance the pages (control + page down), pressed the shutter button and the camera proceeded to focus and then shoot. Be careful to move the pointer out of the way, though. My first manual shows the little hand cursor on all pages! Although this may sound a bit cumbersome, I am pretty sure that after initial set up, it takes much less time than flipping pages. I shot three complete Canon Powershot manuals in less than an hour! Thanks for your original idea!

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