6 comments on “Into Darkness or Into the Light

  1. Would love to know how you get on, will not move away from Corel Draw which I use as automatically as breathing, but more and more jobs require ‘mac operator’.

  2. I would recommend, if you can, to wait until the new operating systems from both Redmond and Cupertino are released later this year to make a decision (and get the latest OS with the price of your hardware). Having used the Beta of Win7 for a while now, I am seriously considering switching back to PCs at home going forward (not even in question at work as you might guess 😉


    • I would love to wait for the new OS but time isn’t on my side. I have to have a new laptop running in the next 7 days for some classes I am teaching. I have to have the windows side up soon after for some client work. Ideally I would wait for the new Windows OS but for now, we will run with Vista 64Bit with which I am very familiar, comfortable and satisfied. It has been bullet-proof for me.

  3. I see… well, if you decided to go to the Mac side, CorelDRAW works great in a virtual machine, but you will need quite a lot of RAM and hard drive space to run both OSs simultaneously. I recommend going with VMWare Fusion. By the looks of it, my next personal computer will be a PC (have you seen the new Dell Adamo laptops).

  4. For now I am going to Boot Camp it. I would hazard I will be in the windows OS for 80-90% of my time and only dabble in the Mac OS as needed. If I see the need to switch back and forth, I will look at the virtual machine stuff. Thanks for the info Gerard!

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