5 comments on “Stupid Product Keys

  1. The key (ha ha) is a routine that works and that you can stick wtih. For me, labels on a jewel case would be death; I lose them right and left. And so much of my software purchases these days are downloads, I don’t want to think about any sort of printout. I store all of registration numbers in a single Outlook memo. By now, it is many, many lines long, but I know two things: 1) Where to look for every single one; and 2) Thanks to my Outlook-PDA sync, I will always have access to it, at home or on the road.

  2. Hi Rikk

    Copy protection is rather annoying, unless you begin to develop software products.. LOL

    You’ve be thrilled to hear that one of our products at macromonster.com has approx. 100 random characters. BUT… the user receives it by email. They just paste it in. Done. They can keep it somewhere safe, perhaps in an Excel file listing important codes.

  3. Using “Passwords Plus” by DataViz solved my problem of burgeoning list of passwords, account numbers and product keys. Several years ago I got this inexpensive utility and keep ALL my personal records in it, synchronize it with my PDA, and do the usual backups, to avoid loss. I can input either from computer or PDA. Copy and paste numbers when needed. Now I must remember only one password: how to open Passwords Plus. I recommend it.

  4. Typical mentality at Microsloth, 25 char product key is printed WITH DASHES on the media package, but on the screen it says quote “enter without dashes”. Idiots. They can’t write two lines of ‘C’ and remove dashes? Print what you say and say what you print you idiotic “managers” at Microsloth.

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