3 comments on “I couldn’t help noticing, but you are carrying metadata…

  1. Postscript: There has been such a furor over this preset ripper that the author has taken it down. Apparently the varied copyright laws around the world have brought into question the legality of the tool in certain venues.


  2. Post Postscript: The site has been reinstated with modifications and warnings. Apparently, the legality of the process is still in question in certain countries. While I don’t personally believe copyright law is broken by this process in the US, I have to feel disquieted about the concern generated here. Is this the first step of a slippery slope?

  3. Copyright is invested in the person generating that content not the method of getting it.

    The Picture is yours not the way that you obtained it.


    Editor’s Note: Both the capture and the final product are copyright of the maker. One is by virtue of “how you obtained it” the other is by the fruits of your creative process. Legality aside. It is wrong to take from unsuspecting poster their workflow and process. If it weren’t the tool wouldn’t have been restricted.

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