10 comments on “Passport Photos

  1. Thank you for this tutorial, I just used it and it works perfectly! And thank you for the template, it came in very handy.

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  3. Thanks for posting this and your youtube video tutorial is very helpful! Thanks especially for making your template available.

  4. Dear Rokk,
    Do you have a template for a PC. I enjoyed the video as I do quite a few
    passport size photos.

    Thank you for doing such a good job.
    Yours turly, Phil Berkner

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  6. Thank you so much Rokk, for creating very nice and easy to understand video and providing a template for 2×2 printing. I have downloaded you template and took me less than 10 mins to create passport size photo for my son. Thank you so much.

    Kind Regards
    Ravi S

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