5 comments on “Just a Bit Deeper (8 bits to be precise)

  1. Excellent demo of RAW v JPEG. Have been trying to convince professional photographers about this advantage but they still shoot JPEG.

    Cheers Alan.

  2. Great to find your site Rikk! I may be a bit out of catagory but I have a question… Once you make the Lightroom Gallery uhm well – how do you get it onto the web? Is it it’s own page on a domain that you own and the hosted by whatever hosting service you have? Sorry – obviously my first time through. And . . .! Will Paypal work with the generic Lightroom templates??

    • It is its own page that can be posted to a folder on a domain you own. You must contract for a domain and a webhost and then LR galleries can be posted there. Paypal features only work with galleries specifically designed for them. Most standard LR galleries do not incorporate Paypal features.

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