5 comments on “Whose Picture is it Anyway?

  1. Rikk,

    Seems to me that it’s a about mutual understanding . If Heidi accepted the role of picture “taker”, as requested by you, the camera’s owner, then she was acting as your agent and just snapped the picture. You’re nice to give her that credit, but the image is yours. On the other hand, if she asked to borrow your camera to do her own photography and you relinquished your camera to her for that purpose, the copyright should be in her name and she should, at best, pay you for your time and materials to provide her those images, which have nothing to do with you, other than lending the camera to her.

    my $.02

  2. All my camera’s leave the copyright, my address, web site, every little detail. I then add more details to more important images.

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