One comment on “First Impressions: Mac’s Magic Mouse

  1. I got one of these “magic” mice yesterday. Used it for about two hours and then put it back in its box. The edges are sharp. As you noted, it doesn’t slide properly. When I try to swipe, it would grab my fingers and the whole mouse would drag, unlike the touchless pad which allows my swipe to glide over it. I think this is due to the very smooth texture of the mouse versus the slightly textured surface of the touchpad. Most of my applications didn’t seem to support the swiping functions, and that was on the mac side. I didn’t even try it on the widows side (VMfusion).

    Needless to say, I now have a $70.00 paper weight, and I just ordered a $38.00 wireless bluetooth microsoft mouse this morning.

    So sad. How could they seriously screw up a simple device so badly.

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