16 comments on “The Power-Crop

  1. Since the symbolic resonance of the physical position with the sword is more effective than the woman’s expression (which doesn’t properly display resolve or determination) I saw no point in the first crop at all.

    On the other hand, the second crop makes the pose look even more like a textual illustration in the style of the old Howard Pyle books, so I liked it better than the original – where her elbows are unnaturally in balance, diminishing the kinetic energy of the pose.

    (I posted about Au hasard Balthazar and commercial-art Jesus lately.)

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  3. There is no doubt that the cut can show better expressions of women and gives greater intensity to the image. Cut when necessary to give more power to the image is not bad. However, I consider to be cultivated from the smooth cutting framing in the camera.

  4. It’s funny, when I saw the picture, I first almost thought it was a scene from “Kill Bill”

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