4 comments on “Death and Darkness: A Photographic Aside

  1. Well said, and well done! How many times are we told as photographers to step out of our comfort zone, or as you put it, our “brand”? Doing so can take our viewers to an entirely different place. Although not your usual style there is still a hint of “Rikk” in it.

  2. A very poignant commentary Rikk. Death is certainly part of life and to avoid the subject is to miss a profound opportunity for artistic expression. As a documentary/reportage photographer I have experienced death as a subject particularly tragically the past year, yet I knew exactly what to do and all along have known that the experience would be one of the biggest growth influences in my life (I have had more than a few dramatic ones) and so it has proved to be. These times help us relate more to life and for me the people who make up this life – If we take the opportunity!
    Each day now death is in my mind, not morbidly but to remind me that each of us has only so much time and really just today and even just this moment to make the most of and share our talents with the world.
    You are defining not only your style with this image but who you are as a human being – someone in touch with life and death for they are both side of the same coin called existence!!

  3. Reminds me of college days, asked to document a private lay memorial service beside a city stream for the parents of a friend who had taken his life. A new way of thinking about Sontag’s saying about photography being the presence of absence and good image for representing Budhism on impermanence. I think I will look at those contact sheets anew, and start the year off with valuing the present moment, again. Thanks Rikk

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