A brief history of Rikk

A refugee from Corporate Marketing, I took twenty years of computer experience and photography and melded them into my company Fleeting Glimpse Images. I am fluent in film and digital photography, video, and graphic design. I have been using computers since the late 70s and have a broad background in Image Editing, Design, Publishing, Database, Presentation, Website Design, and programming.

I teach from one-on-one sessions all the way to auditorium-sized venues.

2 comments on “A brief history of Rikk

  1. @Rikk:

    I’m a fellow photographer and I’ve created a blog site where WordPress members can share cool links, promote one another’s stuff, and share other interesting photography related articles and sites. Go to http://photolinksrus.wordpress.com and start posting today. If you don’t want to post, then just enjoy the shared links. I’ll do what I can to help promote your site(s) if you post your links.

    Happy Shooting!

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